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We have really enjoyed putting together a little blog post series to showcase some of our lovely stockists. This idea has been jotted in my bullet journal since the early part of 2020, but the first few months of the year were a struggle juggling everything and as a result, I didn't get as far down my to do list as I had hoped! Now that this sad and challenging situation has sprung itself firmly into our lives, I have subsequently found myself managing to tackle some of the work that has always been pushed to one side.
Anyway, COVID-19 has created challenges for so many businesses, I have always been an avid supporter of small independent brands and in the current climate that is absolutely no different! We small businesses are the ones who really really need huge amounts of support right now and in light of that, welcome to the 'Our Lovely Stockists' feature and kicking things off this week is a little insight into the beautiful Yorkshire-based Car & Kitchen an independent family run department store since 1976
  1. Tell me a little bit about your wonderful business.
    We’re a small family run lifestyle store, offering gifts, homewares, kids toys, kitchenware, ladies clothes, cards and wrap and we also have a cafe! 

  2. And about you
    My name is Tash, I’m originally a graphic designer (who isn’t!). My husband, Henry and I run the business which we took over from his parents 6 years ago. We have 2 children, Maggie who is nearly 3 and Billy who is 1.
  3. Why did you decide to open Car & Kitchen? What was the journey?
    Henry’s grandparents started C&K in the 1970s. The building used to be a garage, hence the ‘car’ and they started the kitchen shop. Henry’s parents then ran the business for 30 years and introduced gifts, ladies clothing and the cafe. Henry and I were living in Italy and his parents were looking to retire, the timing was right and we moved back home to Settle. Since we’ve taken over we’ve done a massive refurb in stages, and also we’ve introduced shopping online. 

  4. What is your favourite part of being a shop keeper/business owner?
    The buying and displaying. I love the creative aspect of it all. Theming window displays, planning it all out, I could do it all day!

  5. The biggest challenge you have faced whilst being in business?
    What, other than coronavirus?! I actually think one of the hardest parts has been starting a family whilst running the business still. No maternity leave, not enough days off as a family etc. The juggle/struggle is real!

  6. What inspires you in your day to day life?
    My friends bossing parenting. Anyone who keeps a clean and tidy house whilst running a business and/or looking after kids. And of course following businesses I aspire to on Instagram.
    Car & Kitchen Cafe  |  Our Lovely Stockists  |  Plewsy

  7. Tell me your favourite place to go in Yorkshire!
    Well we’re from Settle in the Yorkshire Dales, and it’s hard to beat the Dales on a sunny day really. This is a bit boring, but one of my favourite places to go is on a walk that looks down into Settle, a lot of thinking happens on walks, and I usually just use it to clear my head and remind myself how lucky we are to live where we live.

  8. Name 3 other independent businesses that you love.
    - Acorn and Pip - I literally want everything they sell.

    - Oklahoma in Manchester - they’re so bright and fun, they know their style and stay true to it. - again I could buy everything, it’s easy to shop too.

Car & Kitchen currently have lots of Easter gifts ready to post out to you, hop over to their website to stock up or follow their Instagram journey @carandkitchen Let's pull together and #supportsmallbusiness  |  @carandkitchen  |

Plewsy x


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