The Art of Handwritten Notes: Why Stationery Still Matters in the Digital Age

At Plewsy we are surrounded by good old fashioned greetings cards and notebooks. Paper really is at the heart of what we do and sometimes we are guilty of not noticing how much everyone, in today's ever growing world of digital is becoming increasingly reliant upon phones and socials. We wanted to rewind and remind on how important the art of handwritten notes can be!

As our lives become more virtual, there is still something really special about a birthday card, thank you card or a handwritten letter dropping through your letter box, something that, as hard as we try - can't be replicated through a screen!

Let's explore the art of handwritten notes, and why good old stationery still matters in the digital age.


Here's 3 reasons why someone might choose to send a handwritten note:

  1. Personalisation - taking the time to jot down your scribble shows that you took the time and made the effort to create something unique for your loved one. It's a personal touch.

  2. Connection - Receiving a handwritten note can create a deeper sense of connection between the sender and recipient. It can convey emotion and empathy in a way that a digital message can't always capture. Tone of voice can be really tricky to work out on a whatsapp message.

  3. Memory - Physical notes can be kept and cherished for years to come. People may put them away for safe keeping and enjoy looking back in the future, showing them to children or grandchildren.

While you can write a note on any piece of paper, choosing the right stationery can create an extra special feeling for both you as the sender, and also the person receiving your mail.

Here are a few ideas to think about when choosing your stationery:

  1. Quality - Keep an eye out for stationery that is made from high-quality materials, like thick card stock or cotton paper. This will add the finishing touch.

  2. Style - Think about who you are sending to, and what their personal taste may be. Some people might prefer classic, understated stationery, while others might appreciate something packed with bright bold colours.

  3. Eco-friendly - It's a bit of a given in todays market, but make sure your stationery choice is FSC accredited and where possible 100% recycled and recyclable. Take a look at our Plewsy X Manchester Museum notebooks.

While digital communication 100% has its benefits, there's still something really special about the art of handwritten notes. By taking the time to select the right stationery and putting together a heartfelt message, you can really put a smile on their face.

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